iPhone Will Meet RevTim on Friday

I think it’s a good match — and I have been waiting for a year for this to happen. On Friday, when the iPhone 3G is launched, I will be in line. I will pick mine up at the Apple store in Emeryville, California. It is just 10 minutes from my house or so.


I’m trying to decide what is most exciting about the new iPhone. For me, it will start out with the GPS features and the high-quality video. But the new syncing with Mobileme seems amazing as well. There will be a learning curve to get everything set up and running, especially getting things moved over from my Treo. I’m still not sure how THAT is going to work.

Any Treo to iPhone links or tips would be appreciated, just leave them in the comments.

Oh, and a little while ago I got off the phone with Sprint. They offered me a SWEET DEAL on their new INSTINCT. But I’m sure I would regret not getting that new Apple product. I’m kinda hooked on ’em right now.

Suggestions? Comments? Are you getting one?