Beautiful Weather!

2550132504-95270958b0.jpg I know there is some bad weather out there. Even today I hear of record floods and often hear about difficult conditions such as tornados, etc.

But this week? It has been fantastic — weather wise — in Northern California. In fact, today it’s like mid 70’s. Think I’ll go for that spring time motorcycle drive! w00t!!


Honda VTX 1300R

You may have noticed some new motorcycle pictures on the Flickr stream on the right of this page. I bought this last Thursday. Today it is getting a new outfit!I am waiting for the phone call to pick it up.  It is getting a Windshield, saddle bags, a light bar, crash bars, and Bubbs Jughugger mufflers for the loud and proud factor.Hey, leave a comment … I’m looking for a name for the bike 😉