Back in the East Bay

Got back late Saturday night. It has been a pretty busy week. There was a lot of interesting news that came from the 52nd General Council. You can check out some of the details by going to AGTALK.US or to FutureAG Blog to the Assemblies of God. Thanks for tracking here.

Oh, here’s a scripture to reflect upon that I think applies to all that was done at GC2007.

Proverbs 16:9 (NIV) 9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

Waiting at Indy Airport to Return to SFO

Indy AirportSo I’m waiting right now for my flight home. It leaves at 4:50 (EDT) which translates to leaving at 1:50 (PDT).

I am pretty tired from the very busy week, but truly ready to get home and have fun tomorrow at our Sunday service.

Of course Sunday’s service is a “Cafe Hope” service! Come casually dressed, but be ready to worship, fellowship, and of course be inspired by the next message in our “Joy” series.

In fact, you might want to read Philippians 2 to get ready.

PLUS: Bring a dish to pass as we just hang out together after the service. We will be having a wedding reception for the newlyweds, Alli and TJ Hohm. Whether you were able to attend the actual wedding or not, we want you to hang out with us. In fact, no gift is required at all!

Hot in Indy!

I’m all registered. There are THOUSANDS here! The talk of everyone is that the next 2 days will be over 100 degrees — 100 sticky and humid degrees!! 😉

This afternoon I am going to try to get to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for an hour or two. Then everything starts at 7 tonight. Leadership Seminars are on tap — a general session and 2 break-outs.

The other place to track me is at a site I made called AGTALK.US … you may want to check out the “live blogging and streaming” that I will attempt.

Ready to Take on the Day

In a few minutes I will be heading to register and hopefully find a few friends.

On my ride to the hotel I rode with Dave and Sherry Harrison who are Missionaries coming from the Northwest District (Washington). They work with ethnic and inter-cultural churches.

Russ Peavy

We support Russ Peavey in the Northern California/Nevada District … he does the same things here.

AGTALK.US and General Council 2007

Hey, everyone. I haven’t used blogger in a couple of years. I do blog though and I have the RevTim Podcast.

Here’s the real news for The Assemblies of God General Council 2007. It takes place in Indianapolis the week of August 6, 2007.

We have created a new sight called AGTALK.US … there will be live streaming and blogging during GC. There is also a FORUM area for anyone to contribute to. Please use and open up discussions and conversations.

So here are the useful links…
1. RevTim Portal
2. AGTALK.US http://agtalk.US
4. FutureAG BLOG
5. AG General Council Site