How to Let God Direct MY Steps

Gods PlanWe can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9

I love to plan, dream, and imagine what God can and will do through my gifts and influence in ministry. And He actually designed me to do this. I am prompted and sometimes mandated in scripture to “flow in my gifts.”

When I think back to the lives that have been changed as a result of being obedient to my gifts and callings, it is so humbling. TO GOD BE THE GLORY, right?

Note this: In EVERY CASE where I have helped someone see God more clearly — there is ALWAYS a point where HE DETERMINES what happens next. It’s a personal decision to move forward in faith — or not — and when one does move forward, it is GOD, not ME that thrusts them into the strong direction of HIS ULTIMATE PLAN.

Our responsibility, dreams, organization, and gifts — turn into GOD DIRECTED STEPS. Pray right now to get out of the way and listen to the Holy Spirit’s ultimate — and sometimes last minute (re)direction and then watch GOD astound — YOU.

5 thoughts on “How to Let God Direct MY Steps

  1. all i can say is my life has fallen into the pit of hell an there is nothing i want to do about it .. I almost had all i had prayed for .it was all taken away by the stroke of a computer key pad an the vengefulness of a person that couldn’t stand to see me happy with someone else. But the real pain came from the person that was my happiness . Because he abandoned me even with the proof before him .He doubted an lost faith in me. i know this has very little to do with ur post but i had to share my pain or it was going to eat me alive .They say this too shall pass . an i know it shall but for now i have really lost my reason for living . NOT to worry or read more into this . I ;M not going to do anything stupid cause that would let them know they had the power over me an i know THAT ONLY GOD has the power an in time i will heal . thank you for letting me release some of my pain . God Bless all an may Angles watch over all while you travel the paths of your lifes journeys .

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