iPad and “One Thing” Ideas

It’s kind of interesting to me… Many people are saying things like “I would not spend money for an iPad because …” and then they name one thing. But, what if you added up all those “one things” together? The value increases, doesn’t it?

So what wouldn’t YOU use an iPad for?

  • To read a book
  • To watch a video
  • To surf a website
  • To play scrabble
  • To drive a car in a game
  • To edit a document
  • To present something in “Keynote”
  • To read the Bible
  • To edit my Netflix Instant Que (and then watch something)
  • To show someone a photo — or my whole collection
  • To listen to a Podcast — or watch a video Podcast

Got something to add?

When you add all these things together… it may just be pretty useful, right? Am “I” missing something? Oh, yeah, I’m missing my iPad with 3g — it can’t get here soon enough for me!! πŸ˜‰

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