Bible Study Resources


Online Bible Search

  1. eBible
    Search the Bible as part of the social network. Ability to tag and personalize your Bible is an amazing tool for study groups.
  2. Bible Gateway
    Search the NIV plus many other versions.
  3. Bible Server
    Search many versions of the Bible including the NIV.

Audio Bibles

  1. Bible Gateway Audio Bible
    Ready by Max McLean of Listeners Bible
  2. Listeners Bible
    Buy Bible mp3s by Max McLean
  3. Audio Bible
    Free but ugly site. Requires Real Player.
  4. Audio Treasure
    Buy Bible on audio
  5. The Audio Bible
    Read by George Sarris

RSS and Podcast Feeds

  1. Bible Gateway’s Verse of the Day
  2. Fighter Verses Podcast Feed
  3. The Daily Audio Bible Podcast


  1. Fighter Verses
    Fighter Verses are short passages of Scripture which Bethlehem Baptist have chosen to memorize each week. Based on the ESV Bible.
  2. Bible Memory
    Get your verses to memory free via email

Bible Resources

  1. Open Bible Topical Bible
    Mashup up of Yahoo! web services and a Topical Bible
  2. Open Google Map of Passion of Christ
    Follow Jesus in Jerusalem
  3. Open Bible Geocoding
    Amazing use of Google Earth
  4. Bible in 90 Days
    Journal about your experience of reading the Bible in 90 days
  5. Minor Prophet Bible Blogs
    A blog tool focused on blogging about the Bible.

Bible Web Services (for web developers)

  1. ebibleicious WordPress plugin from eBible
  2. Bible Gateway Verse of the Day Flash widget

From Plaid Blog

One thought on “Bible Study Resources

  1. Hey Rev. Tim,

    I’m trying to start up a bible devotional that will reach people all around. I will be doing one every night, and I want people to see the lessons that I’ve learned through the scripture. I promised God that I would do everything I could to spread His Word throughout the world. Being that I’m only 20 years old it’s tough in today’s time to get heard, but…God’s power is real, and I believe He speaks through me. If you could, I’d appreciate it if you checked out my blogs devotionals…I just did one last night on freedom from chains. If you like them, feel free to use them. If you like them, feel free to tell others please. I think as Christians it is our job to spread God’s message and this blog site is a great tool to do that! Thank you 🙂
    Sincerely, Your Brother In Christ,

    P.S. Here is a link to my latest Devotional/Bible Study-

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