We’re Ba a a a k!

American Airline Flight DelayWow! What a great week we had on vacation.

Today was a travel day … all day. (Tuesday). Our flight left Chicago O’Hare Airport at 8:30 AM, was diverted and landed in Wichata Falls, TX because of bad weather at Dallas. We were on the ground waiting for 4 additional hours just sitting in the plane, almost 8 hours on that plane in total. They did give everyone 1 piece of Dominoes Pizza after three hours of waiting, though. 😉

Then on to Dallas where all of our flights were canceled. So we flew into SFO. That would have been fine, but for our luggage. It is now scheduled (we think) to go to Oakland sometime on Wednesday. Then they will deliver it to us.

We just got back from Target where Ginger got a shiny new curling iron and fresh make-up. She said she needed that to return to the real world on Wednesday. Hmmmm…..

Thanks for all the prayers, we are really rested.Indy 500 Car

Had a great time the past 3 days in Chicago and with our diversion on Sunday to the Indianapolis 500 where we witnessed first-hand … the DANICA MARCH! Can’t wait to see all of our California Family!

Oh, and here’s a quick photo of the Nintendo Wii Fit Car … didn’t leave the race very “fit” at all, eh?

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