30,000 Foot Fog?

Flying 33,000 feet above heartaches, money, power, influence, and day-to-day cares brings a fresh perspective.

There’s something called the “30,000 Foot View” which you come across often in management courses. You are supposed to think this way before you zoom into the fog-of-the-day.


I have driven in several types of fog. One fog experience I actually love is when it is pretty clear on the ground and the fog layer is just above the car. It’s like you are driving in a science fictional time-warp or something. You can go full speed ahead and navigate any furry obstacle that would happen to jump in front of you.

Another type is what I will call fog patches. You can’t avoid them. You can see them coming up then “boom” or “swoosh” the car flies through instant disorientation, but for just a moment.

Then there is the “pea soup” variety of fog. This is where you are instructed to adjust your headlights to low beam, slow down, and use lots of caution. If you don’t do this you may become one of those statistics. Your name will be included on the list of a 150 vehicle pile-up. An accident that will take up several hours of all the cable news channels.

In life we all experience fog. The location of fog and it’s perspective is important to the management of “that day” in our life. Identify fog in your life. Money? Power? Bitterness? Habits? Neglect? Unforgiveness? What’s on YOUR list?

Fog is temporary. Temperature change can dissolve or thicken it.

But fly back out to the 30,000 foot level — above it all — and you will never crash — in fact navigation is so much easier!

Fog, perspective, and meaning in life will help you navigate. Have you tried to do this with faith? Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, the life.” Following Him will give you that brand new perspective.

Now, rise up, get above the fog, and really start to live …


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