Today a Miracle Happened

Last night, Saturday, April 12, 2008 a young man, 19 years old went to bed around 11 pm. But his dream began much sooner than when his head hit the pillow. His dream was to go to Africa, bring medical supplies to needy people — especially children — and perhaps to cut the hair of people who wanted just one more personal ministry touch.


When Keith woke up on Sunday morning with the deadline now only 24 hours away, Keith had only $400.00 raised toward this goal and the air fare deadline was upon him. A friend of his called the guest speaker who was going to speak in our service with an emphasis on missions.

To make a long story short, the Lord spoke to our small congregation to give. One man said to his wife, “I believe if we give $200.00 which represents the tithe of the need, God would take care of the rest.” And they did exactly that. Many other families also gave and the total amount given was $1400.00. This was an amazing amount given on a NO NOTICE basis. Folks gave out of understanding that this event would change this young man’s life …

But there’s more! A phone call as I was locking up the doors of the church came as a man said, find out what the rest of the need is and I’ll write you a check. He did that … a check for $900.00 additional was delivered to the door as Keith was over for lunch.

THE NEED $2300.00 =  THE ANSWER $2300.00.

The plane ticket will be purchased on Monday, right on time.

Quick back story: Keith was involved in a devastating car accident and wake-up call just 2 years ago. The other driver died. Keith was unable to walk for a week and still has problems with his knee. He sent out 200 letters to request help for this trip to Africa — with NO RESPONSES whatsoever.

So you see, God moved on the hearts of our church and used us for something great. Central Assembly is  planting seeds into the life of someone called by God to do something greater than himself.

It’s going to ruin him — to mess him up in the greatest way imaginable!

Praise to God who is able to accomplish more than we ask or think!

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