Dr. George O. Wood and Culture Thoughts

Wow! These are fantastic words of hope from an optimistic “heart”. I know after you read Dr. Wood’s article on FutureAG Blog that you will be encouraged.

As we continue to lift up each other we must remember that there are THOUSANDS working in the trenches day-after-day and week-after-week for the cause of Christ. We are always looking for new and creative ideas to bring the Gospel to our generation, or at least we should be. This generation will be so … “2007” in about a minute, that’s for sure.

My prayer is for my son and his new wife to embrace the power of God and the Holy Spirit … for their mind to be renewed and become fresh every morning. I pray for them often and do not want to lose my impact on their life or the lives of their friends.

YouTube? Facebook? MySpace? Twitter? Blogs? Skype? (Skype name is revtim.com) Texting? Video-streams? Multi-venues? Please, Lord help us connect the dots somewhere in the constantly changing world in which we live.


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